Year: 2014

Location: Keystone Art Space

Type: Exhibition

Dot/o is an experimental interactive installation that seeks to engage the public to generate a dense threaded structure. The project presents a setup for the users to participate, taking the color threads and placing them through the steel structure.
The structure has been designed to hold hundreds of steel hooks where participants can use to entangle different colors of thread.
The project is an exercise in thinking probabilistically and releasing control over the final outcome, as only the participation of the crowd and the depletion of the material available can provide an end to the piece.

Project Team: The project was developed as part of the Blindspot Initiative Kickstarter, organized by Biayna Bogosian and Jason King (Somewhere Something) and Jose Sanchez (Plethora-Project), which was successfully funded allowing for the exhibition and the publishing of the Blindspot Initiative Book published by Evolo.