Urban Environmental Sensing With Drones

Urban Environmental Sensing With Drones


Researchers: Biayna Bogosian (PhDc USC), Maider Llaguno-Munitxa (ETH Zurich PhD + Princeton University Postdoc), Prof. Zang Wei (Tongji University CAUP)

These two workshops focused on spatio-temporal aerial mapping of urban environments, with emphasis on field application of sensors and Mixed Reality visualization technologies. The course aimed to introduce the participants to the theoretical and technical framework of urban environmental mapping, in order to understand the influence of urban parameters such as, building morphology, vegetation, or topographical variations in urban micro-climates. We utilized the campus of the Tongji University as the case study of our investigations, and operated drones and bicycles equipped with sensors and cameras to document the environment. In 2017 the outcome of the workshop was demonstrated in a video documentation.

Teaching assistant: Zhou Yilin, Guo Zhe, Qi Ji | Students: Wu Xiaohan, Li Zixuan, Zhang Tianxiang, Gaoshen, Ji Jiawei, Guo Hanchen, Yanghui, Hanxu, Rong Zhiyi, Yuanliang, Duqiao, Wang Yicong, Dong Xiaoxiao

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