SITE: Sensing & Information Technologies for the Environment

SITE: Sensing & Information Technologies for the Environment


In collaboration with Maider Llaguno-Munitxa (PostDoc. Princeton University), Prof. Doc. Elie Bou-Zeid (Princeton University Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Funded by the Princeton Innovation Grant

more information:

The ongoing research developed by the Sensing and Information Technologies for the Environment (SITE) Lab, focuses on the development of 3D immersive environmental visualization techniques to facilitate a user-centered interactive analysis and rationalization of the available urban environmental data.
The research has been organized in three sections: The first section focuses on the acquisition of high spatiotemporal resolution urban air quality data through Mobile Urban Sensing Technologies (MUST). The second section focuses on the introduction of an on-site immersive visualization strategy by introducing an Augmented Reality mobile application called Navigating Urban Environments (NUE) app. The third section focuses on an off-site Augmented Reality interface called the Visualizing Urban Environments (VUE) app which engages the participants in the analysis and rationalization of Seoul’s historic and real-time air quality data.

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