Visualization Vs. Materialization Symposium / Tongji School of Architecture / Shanghai, China
 FC/LA: Meeting Of The Most Creative Minds / USC Annenberg Innovation Lab / Los Angeles, California
Converge: Disciplinarities and Digital Scholarship / Shared Futures: Practices and Methods of Speculative Design, World Building, Design Fiction and Participatory Design Panel / USC School of Cinematic Arts / Los Angeles, California
Building for Health and Well-Being: Structures.Cities.Systems / ACSA ASPPH Conference / Honolulu
The Responsive Cities Symposium / IAAC Institute For Advanced Architecture Of Catalonia / Barcelona
Technarte Art + Technology / Los Angeles, California
Frontier of Digital Design Lecture Series / Tongji School of Architecture / Shanghai, China
Acadia 2015 Conference: Ecologies / Cincinnati University / Cincinnati, Ohio
Non Discrete Architectures: Networks, Digital Prosthetics and Augmentation / PennDesign 
Aesthetics and Politics / CalArts / Los Angeles, California
Drones, Robotics and Design Talks / Evenings at Loft / Culver City, California
Designing with Data Symposium / American University of Armenia / Yerevan, Armenia
Architects Beyond Architecture / Woodbury University / Los Angeles, California
Public Lecture Series / Tumo Center for Creative Technologies / Yerevan, Armenia
USC Faculty Lecture Series / USC School of Architecture / Los Angeles, California
Adaptive in(Formations) / Tongji University School of Architecture / Shanghai, China
Pecha Kucha / USC School of Architecture / Los Angeles, California
Digital Predictions Symposium / Tongji University School of Architecture / Shanghai, China
USC's American Academy in China Lecture Series / Tongji University CAUP / Shanghai, China
Nested Densities / The City College of New York / Manhattan, New York
Rebuilding / 2010 98th ACSA Annual Meeting / New Orleans, Louisiana
Sensing Urban Microclimates
Sensing Urban Microclimates
Marías Clandestinas: between control, speculation and fabrication for a DIWO (Do-it-with-Others) abortion kits
Collective Sensing for Urban Health Policies
Sensing Urban Microclimates
Sensitive Environments
Immersive Environmental Mapping
Sensing Urban Microclimates
Dynamic Sensing
Sensing Workflows
Designing Computational Workflows
Designing with Sensory Data
Architects Beyond Architecture
Responding to Environmental Data Patterns
Subjective/Objective Design
Adaptive in(Formations) 
Architecture of Many Hands
Designing Computational Workflows
Workflow Design
Nested Densities / The City College
In Praise of Qanats: Urbanism in Yazd