3D Scanning Lidar

3D Scanning Lidar


Instructors: Garen Khanoyan + Armen Toorian + Richard Ohanian

Project Team: Biayna Bogosian + Narek Gharakhanian

Project Content: http://gcc-robotics.wixsite.com/gcc-robotics/3d-photo-booth


This project is a 3D Scanning Assembly which couples a Laser Range Finder (Lidar) with an articulation platform in order to 3D scan indoor and outdoor environments within 30m range. For this phase of the project, we are only focusing on 3D scanning individuals within 1 meter to 1.4 meter range. We are also collecting scanned individuals’ personal and contact information for the following reasons:

  1. Create an archive of 3D scanned individuals for visualization and analysis.

  2. Compose and email a custom 3D scanned image to each scanned volunteer.

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