Workshop Title: Designing w/ Spatio-Temporal Data

Location: Mexico City

Schedule: March 2017

Workshop focus: The built environment is complex. For many years urban and architectural simulations have been used by the experts to understand the multitude of layers and interconnectedness surrounding us. With the advent of ubiquitous computing, sensor networking and information processing technologies, we are generating unprecedented quantities of data related to ourselves and the environment. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are also becoming more advanced and integrated into our daily behaviors, allowing for high-resolution and accurate geographical analysis and visualizations that can communicate with both the scientists and the citizens. So, what is the role of an architect in this context?

This workshop will introduce the theoretical and conceptual framework of designing with spatio-temporal data. Through lectures and hands-on exercises, we will delve into geometry generation and analysis using static and dynamic environmental data. The goal is to familiarize ourselves with existing data types and platforms concerning the built environment which would allow us to design responsive and responsible architectures.

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